Tech-Ed 2012: Wishlist

Here I am a week away from Tech-Ed. I am going for my first time and I am a little bit nervous. Nerves aside, there are some key things I am looking forward to and things I am hoping for.

This year’s Tech-Ed is shaping up to be fantastic. At least for someone who has spent years convincing his company to send him to the premier tech event for Microsoft Technologies. I’ve used a number of different places such as Twitter and Linked in to get information on how to best manage my time and get into sessions while there. That said there are a few key sessions I am looking forward to. Most of them hit more on the security side of things, but there are also Powershell and Windows 8 sessions and hands on labs that I have marked on my schedule.

As far as the hopeful stuff goes, there is one big thing. That is getting some real time with a Windows 8 tablet. I have an iPad from the office, along with a Blackberry phone. I have a Droid phone as my personal phone (yes, I do believe in separation of work and personal devices). I have touched 2 Windows 7.5 phones, and have thought them alright, but have not had a chance to really learn them. That is mostly due to lack of need to learn them. On the other hand if the Windows 8 tablets on x64 architecture are what they say, it could be the perfect storm for Microsoft. The melding of the tablet into the office in an elegant fashion.

The one thing I hope they did fix, is the signing certificate installs. On Windows 7.5 installing a SBS self signed cert is a pain. Its Microsoft technologies not playing nice with each other, and that needs to be fixed, otherwise Exchange integration is a failure compared to the iPad and Android.

With all the vendors, Sessions and yes, parties (a group called #TheKrew and the Jam Session are the ones I want in on), the chances to not just network, but in this day of connectivity the chance to make friends is amazing. Tech-Ed should be a site to see, and I will be tweeting and Blogging from there, so stay tuned!

Tech-Ed is almost here

After years of pining to go to Microsoft’s Tech-Ed event, the time has come. In just a couple of weeks I’ll be going to my first one, and I am nervous and excited.

So many things going on, so much to do, and as always so little time. Between the Tech-Ed site, Twitter, and Linked in, I have to say I am impressed the the amount of support, information and tips for new Tech-Ed attendees. Even with all of that, I am still left with some questions which I will get into in a little bit.

When I convinced my office to send me to Tech-Ed I felt like I had just won the lottery. A chance to learn not only current technologies I use, but new technologies coming soon from Microsoft. then I started really looking and watching, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. I started to panic. Did I have to sign up for sessions or was it first come, first serve? What about other things going on? What was the event hall going to have, or the Hands On Lab area? Luckily questions I posed about my anxiety were answered with good tips and links to blogs (Tech-Ed for Novices) that had guides for new Tech-Ed people.

As we are just over a week out, I still have questions though, the biggest is about the Certification Center. Can we sign up on site or do we have to buy the vouchers in advanced? I personally am planning on 2 exam-crams and 3 tests (the third exam doesn’t have a cram session at tech-ed although the official Tech-Ed twitter account dd point me to the video from last year when it was a session). I’ve been stalled on getting my Microsoft Certs for a while and a chance to knock out three exams and get my MCITP just makes me giddy.

Outside of that, I’m looking at a bunch of Security sessions, an IPV6 Bootcamp, a Crash Course in Powershell and a Session on Group Policy. Yeah its a full schedule, and I wind up flying out Thursday evening which means I’ll miss the closing party, but considering its taken me years to convince my place of business to send me to Tech-Ed, I can wait another year for the closing party.


I hope to meet a bunch of you there.

Windows 7 due out this year

So at Tech-Ed yesterday, it was announced that Microsoft plans on releasing Windows 7 in time for the holiday season this year.

The question is what shape will it really be in, and will it be worth it. A lot of good has been said about Windows 7 since its beta came out. Requirements of systems are known also at this point, including needed a minimum of 1 GB or ram 2GB if you are going to use XPM.

Speaking of XPM you do need to make sure that your processor supports the hardware virtualization for it. Both AMD and Intel have software that will check your processor and let you know if it can support XPM.

As it is, one of the online DJs I know did his show from a Windows 7 machine last night, and running the software for DJing in XPM mode worked great for him, which does give some hope that  Microsoft got it right.